A smart new way to


Move in a conscious way

What is Movecious or Conscious Movement?

Movecious is a New Yoga technique that combines Dance,  Pilates, Qigong (CheeGong), and deep and somatic breathing methods.
This system has been developed through extensive years of national and international experience in a range of cultures, age groups, and levels of understanding

Why choose Movecious Yoga?

Movecious YOGA is a type of physical therapy designed to build awareness of your body, gain a better understanding of how to move it in a healthy way, and strengthen it.
Movecious can help you to improve both chronic and acute injuries, and to prevent future injuries from happening. By learning how to move in a conscious way, everyday movements like sitting, walking, or standing become effortless while other yoga clases or zumba become true healing modalities. Every Movecious YOGA class is tailored specifically to the unique needs of each student.

Where can I take a Movecious class?

All classes are offered in person on the Cleveland Area or On-Line via Zoom everywere

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